Assignment - Redesign a text-heavy e-health application which offers advice, assignments and self-tests for people dealing with light to moderate stress disorders.

Bouman GGZ is a mental health institute in Rotterdam. This institute has developed several e-health training courses to provide healthcare and support to clients and their families.

Stress en ik

"Stress en ik" is an e-health course designed to help and advise people suffering from stress and anxiety.

The assignment was to redesign the course into a more dynamic, interactive product which would be easier to use and more interesting. My role in this was to analyse the current product by conducting usability tests with potential users.

As a multimedia designer, part of the challenge lay in commmunicating the insights gathered into tangible interpretations - and achieving meaningful collaboration with the psychologist who had written the original course.

During my internship at Bouman GGZ, I was able to conduct several test sessions with various users, and present my findings and advice to our multidisciplinary team.

This was a great learning experience in my 3rd year, working in a multidisciplinary team with psychologists, marketeers and the project manager. My activities involved desk research on psychology and e-health, market research, brainstorming sessions, concepting and UI design, as well as copy writing. I worked closely with a psychiatrist specialised in training design.